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Camper with boat

Brent is the best! We were having a hard time finding insurance coverage for our Eliminator Daytona. Called Brent and not only did he get it covered, he got it covered for the whole year for less then other quotes we got for half a year! And brought the paperwork to my front door! Awesome guy with great customer service!

Thanks Brent..

Jill Cahan-McKenzie

  • What does personal liability umbrella coverage entail?
    An umbrella policy serves as an additional level of liability coverage, surpassing the protection offered by your existing insurance policies. In the event of a lawsuit where the awarded damages surpass the highest limits of your current property coverage, an umbrella policy steps in to provide additional financial support. This ensures that your savings, home, and business remain safeguarded, mitigating the risk they might otherwise face.
  • What is "full coverage"?
    The term "full coverage" is commonly misunderstood, as it does not imply comprehensive coverage for every possible circumstance. Instead, it generally denotes a policy that combines liability coverage and protection against property damage.
  • What is the appropriate amount of auto insurance coverage that I should obtain?
    In order to register a vehicle or renew your license, most states mandate a minimum level of liability insurance, requiring you to provide proof of insurance. However, in the event of an accident, the state's minimum liability coverage may not be sufficient to cover the resulting damages. As a result, the at-fault driver may be responsible for paying additional expenses personally. To determine the appropriate amount of auto insurance for your needs, consider the following factors: The value of your assets. Your driving habits and patterns. The type of vehicle you own. The individuals who frequently ride in your car.
  • What can I do to lower my auto insurance costs?
    While multiple factors influence the cost of your insurance premium, there are steps you can take to reduce it. The vehicle you own significantly impacts your premium, so opting for a safer, slightly older, or less valuable car can lower costs. The more valuable your vehicle, the higher the insurance expense. Alternatively, you can enhance the safety and reduce risk by equipping your car with anti-theft devices or features like anti-lock brakes. Additionally, choosing a higher deductible and maintaining continuous coverage can help control auto insurance costs. If you prefer to keep your current car as is, altering your driving habits can be another approach. Your driving record is a vital factor in determining your premium, so maintaining a clean record is essential. Reducing the mileage you drive and exploring additional insurance policies with Farmers can also lead to cost savings.
  • What does the term "deductible" mean?
    A deductible refers to the portion of a covered loss that you are accountable for. In most cases of covered losses, you are responsible for any amounts up to the deductible level, while your insurance will cover expenses beyond that, up to the coverage limit. To illustrate, let's say you have a $1,000 deductible and experience a covered loss totaling $4,200. In such a scenario, your claim payment would amount to $3,200 after subtracting the $1,000 deductible. For homeowners, the deductible applies to each individual claim made during a policy period. Therefore, regardless of the number of claims filed, you will be responsible for paying the deductible amount for each separate claim.
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